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The modules implemented with the Legal Suite team have allowed us to ensure better management of our real estate and all of our contracts, but also to perform macro and micro economic activity analyses through the software’s reporting features.” says Alexandre Brunelat, KFC Legal Director 


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Legal Suite’s helping to monitor the evolution of important clauses and capturing differences between the various contracts has helped us reduce the risk of error." Catherine Ross, Senior Lawyer and Vice President Human Resources at the ALDO Group 


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As a result of implementing Legal Suite, Randstad Canada has become a leader within the Randstad global organization, becoming the first operating company to fully integrate front and back-office systems,” Michelle Miranda, Director, Contracts & Legal Affairs. 


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AI and Legal Transformation at La Poste: Experiences, Initiatives, and Collaboration

 AI and Legal Transformation at La Poste: Experiences, Initiatives, and Collaboration
Aurelie Morin's Presentation, Legal Operations Manager (La Poste Group), as part of the panel discussion "The Impact of AI on Lawyers in 2024: Technology, Skills, Use Cases."

Digitalization and the use of generative AI are part of the objectives of the Legal Department's strategy at La Poste Group.

First Steps Towards AI: Training and Legal Collaboration at La Poste

Even before ChatGPT became the focus of daily conversations, we had established a multidisciplinary working group covering various areas of law, consisting of 10 lawyers, to test it.

In the meantime, we have implemented some training sessions and conducted awareness-raising actions to engage the lawyers. We are 140 within La Poste's legal department, and we have created legal cafes to share with the Caisse des Dépôts group. In total, we are 800 lawyers to exchange ideas, define what we are talking about AI, generative AI, extractive AI, and what they correspond to. But also, to handle AI and test it.

Implementing AI in the Legal Landscape: Experiences and Reflections at La Poste

Beyond our ongoing reflection on the impacts of AI and its use in our profession, we are also involved at a global level. One of our legal directors worked with all of La Poste's departments to draft a memo on data protection, advising all postal workers not to share any personal or company data when using ChatGPT. A group of lawyers is currently working on use cases. As a Legal Ops manager, I collaborate with our DATA/AI division and the Transformation Department to monitor the evolution of our environment in light of Generative AI.

Challenges and Initiatives: AI in the Service of Legal Transformation




How AI Transforms Litigations to Evaluate and Mitigate Risks

How AI Transforms Litigations to Evaluate and Mitigate Risks For businesses, litigation presents significant costs—financial, reputational, and in terms of time spent by legal teams. To mitigate these risks...

Revolutionizing Legal Direction: Business Tools, Task Automation, and Collaboration

Revolutionizing Legal Direction: Business Tools, Task Automation, and Collaboration Emilie Progin, Corporate Lawyer (Altarea), intervened as part of the roundtable "The Impact of AI for Lawyers in 2024: Technology, Skills, Use Ca...
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