Legal Suite® transforms your legal operations with modern Cloud business management software to reduce risks
and improve operations for legal organizations. 

Improve your workday with people-friendly legal software for In-House Counsel, Departments, and Law Practices.
   Mundane Tasks  

Legal Practice Management Software for Lawyers and Legal Departments

In-House Counsel

Software for In-House Counsel

Simplify your work.
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Legal Practice Management

Software for Law Firms 

Automate to get more done.
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Quickstart for Legal

The solution for small and medium-sized businesses
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At The Heart Of Legal Technology For More Than 20 Years

Benefits you can expect from Legal Suite:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Communicate securely
  • Streamline contracts
  • Find documents and files quickly
  • Never miss another deadline
  • Always know what to do next
  • See the big picture with KPIs
  • Make data-driven decisions

Straight-talk from our customers:

The modules implemented with the Legal Suite team have allowed us to ensure better management of our real estate and all of our contracts, but also to perform macro and micro economic activity analyses through the software’s reporting features.” says Alexandre Brunelat, KFC Legal Director 


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Legal Suite’s helping to monitor the evolution of important clauses and capturing differences between the various contracts has helped us reduce the risk of error." Catherine Ross, Senior Lawyer and Vice President Human Resources at the ALDO Group 


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As a result of implementing Legal Suite, Randstad Canada has become a leader within the Randstad global organization, becoming the first operating company to fully integrate front and back-office systems,” Michelle Miranda, Director, Contracts & Legal Affairs. 


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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Automate Your Legal Operations

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Professional Services

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We solve business bottlenecks with technology. 

Contact a Legal Suite expert to discuss the mundane processes that consume your time. We’ll show you automation that opens up your workday for more rewarding work.

Legal Suite: Enterprise Legal Technology

Connecting the law and technology, linking legal expertise and technical performance are at the heart of Legal Suite’s mission. Our successes include more than :
700 References
in all sectors
1‚500 Legal information
system projects 
65‚000 Users worldwide
18% Invested in R&D

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