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Legal Hold

An Add-on to mitigate risks, cut costs and improve outcomes.

Preserve information and simplify legal hold management


Legal Suite's Legal Hold is an advanced system giving corporate legal departments and general counsel complete control of every legal hold to mitigate risk, cut costs, and improve outcomes.

Legal Holds are a great practice to keep your company out of trouble, but they're often misused or ignored. The result? Millions in lost revenue and wasted time. Every organization is required to preserve information when it learns of impending litigation or investigation. 

However, traditional manual approaches to Legal Holds are complex, costly, and error-prone, leaving a company at risk. The average company has hundreds of active and inactive cases at any given time! This means that your team spends valuable time manually tracking each case instead of focusing on more critical tasks like identifying risks or improving results.

Legal Suite's advanced system gives you complete control over every legal hold request. You can improve outcomes in less than half the time it takes today while saving money by reducing costly errors caused by outdated processes. 

Manage the entire process from beginning to end with our intuitive platform that helps you avoid costly mistakes before they happen. Automated systems allow employees to identify custodians of records quickly and to obtain attestations for compliance. 

Legal Suite's intuitive design simplifies the entire process by maximizing efficiency for corporate legal departments and record custodians. A legal team can create and manage a legal hold with a standardized, repeatable process to reduce the risk of deleting potential evidence in a few simple steps.
  • Save Time & Money for Legal Staff - cut time and expense through a reportable process that mitigates risk with optimal data collection and preservation.
  • Automate Processes - Communicate with staff and custodians with automated reminders for every legal team and corporation member. Efficiently track compliance with ongoing notifications and automated workflows.
  • Integration - Integrate with other Legal Suite software to easily manage corporate governance through one source, whether contract management, matter management, or any other back-end system.
  • Secure - Secure and automated record-keeping for identifying custodians of records and possible conflicts.
  • Track & Report - Make sure your Legal Holds will withstand judicial scrutiny. Gain enhanced visibility and a user-friendly dashboard interface that tracks the delivery of hold notifications and custodian acknowledgments.  
  • Modern & Mobile - Use Legal Suite's advanced software to identify, track, and secure corporate Legal Holds on the go.

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