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(Key Performance Indicators)

An Add-on to measure the health of your business.



Legal Suite KPIs

Always know how your business is performing


Legal services firms have to keep track of a lot of information at once. With Legal Suite's KPIs (key performance indicators) you can stay informed on the health of your business.

Most law firms use spreadsheets to track key metrics, but that is a bad idea because it means they are missing out on insights and opportunities for growth. 

Legal Suite KPIs helps lawyers run their businesses more efficiently by providing easy access to important information like billable time, revenue per partner, and case management data in one centralized location. Gaining these insights will help you grow your firm faster than ever before!

What could you accomplish if you could simplify your practice and focus on what matters? 

Legal Suite KPIs will revolutionize how you run your firm to keep you on track. You can see exactly how your practice is doing and what to do next! Our software will help you set goals, stay organized and save time.

Your senior management can monitor legal performance, stay informed of risks and financial issues, and make strategic decisions from the indicators. 
For your team and other departments, it measures the service provided, summarizes the volumes processed, and focuses your employees on measurable progress goals.


•    Legal risk management
•    Monitor service providers and legal records
•    Manage operating legal activities budgets
•    Organize the legal activity within the company


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