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Law firms typically have a lot of policies, and they want to make sure that everyone is following them.

The problem is that most law firms aren't using software to enforce these policies, which means the staff isn't always aware of what's expected of them.

GaLexy® software from Legal Suite helps you keep your firm on track by creating workflows for every policy in your office. This allows you to create reminders for people when their tasks are due, and it also keeps the entire team informed about upcoming deadlines. You can even use this software to automate repetitive tasks like billing or document preparation so that no one has to waste time doing busywork anymore!

Software designed by Lawyers for Lawyers

The average in-house attorney spends much of their time on administrative tasks like document management, discovery preparation, reviewing documents for accuracy and completeness, client communication and other activities.

Legal Suite makes it easy to get your organization out from under the mountain of paperwork by providing an intuitive software system that keeps all relevant documents, contacts, emails, and chats organized for quick retrieval. 

The Legal Suite team offers a full-service approach and a user adoption plan for each client. Implementation can include workshops with subject matter experts (SMEs) to help the legal department build record templates, checklists, document repository categories, drop-down menus, works flows, and other content to assist users during training and after Go Live.

Basics of Knowledge Management

  • Each user will have a contact record created.  
  • Documents are associated with the User record.
  • Add tags for optimized search and management.
  • Example:  add a tag to your legacy subject matter experts as an easy way for another legal member to chat directly about a case, subject, or blocking point.
Legal departments have to deal with a lot of unstructured data. There is no easy way to manage it all, and legal teams are drowning in paperwork.
With our software, you can easily set up workflows for every stage of the process and keep your team informed about what's next on their plate. Just like that, you'll be able to spend more time doing legal things and less time shuffling paper around.

Quickly Find All Relevant Data Related to Each Client/Matter

Legal Suite's Knowledge Management software lets organizations capture all relevant data related to each client/matter, including contract terms, case history, budgeting details, vendor agreements and more. Anyone on your team at any time can easily access the information. 

Our solution allows you to manage your entire knowledge base within one system - saving you both time and money while improving productivity and collaboration among your team members.

You may be drowning in a sea of information and realize that the way you are managing that information is no longer working. Legal Suite's comprehensive legal knowledge management software can help you work more efficiently by improving how quickly you can find relevant information and collaborate with your team.


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