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Legal Suite Artificial Intelligence

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Legal teams are overwhelmed by the number of documents they have to review. They need a way to analyze and extract key information from these documents.
That's why we created GaLexy®Legal Suite, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to help law firms cut costs and increase profits by automating time-consuming tasks like contract review, document assembly or data analysis.

Working with large amounts of text is challenging, but harnessing the power of AI means it doesn't have to be this way! 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a combination of several different technologies working together so that machines can comprehend, learn, and imitate the way a human being acts. The current evolution of Artificial Intelligence is not a replacement for human intelligence but rather a helpful extension of human abilities. 

Machine learning is what makes software intelligent. For instance, machines can analyze complex data faster than the human brain, allowing them to make better, faster decisions. 

How can In-house Counsel and Legal Departments Benefit from AI?

  • The legal sector handles massive amounts of textual data where every word matters: legal texts, contracts, litigation, jurisprudence. When all essential information is written in natural language, Artificial Intelligence and language processing applications can save considerable time for legal professionals.
  • Artificial intelligence software can save your legal team hours every week by automating repetitive tasks like document analysis or contract drafting. These efficiencies mean that you can focus on more important matters while AI takes care of the rest for you!
  • Improve how you interact with outside counsel, vendors, and internal resources. Intelligent chatbots can converse 24/7 to deliver personal and trusted recommendations for better relationships. 
  • Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for your entire organization – not just one person within it. Everyone can use it, from new associates to partners, as they deal with documents at any stage - from negotiations to the final signing. 
  • The return on investment (ROI) substantially increases with AI technologies. In large companies, it's possible to save several thousand resources and hours each year when examining legal and contractual issues.

Benefits of Our Data Mining Solution: SOFTLAW by Legal Suite

  • OCR functionality integrated into GaLexy® so you can scan all types of documents electronically to make them searchable
  • Extraction of named entities: people, dates, places and amounts
  • Validation before creating forms
  • Recognition of appearance clauses and twenty other clause types
  • Recognition of five types of contracts or procedural acts (NDA, commercial contracts, etc.).

Smart Clause Lists and Similarity Algorithms:

  • Automatic keyboards exportable from Word and PDF documents
  • Automatic categorization of clauses
  • Identification of discrepancies between similar clauses
  • Facilitate the identification of the most frequently used clauses and unify your contractual policies

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