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An Add-on to create custom contracts quickly.


Legal Suite Document Generation

Create customized contracts and documents in minutes.


Lawyers are busy and have a lot of paperwork to do. We all know that legal documents are incredibly important, but also painfully hard.

We take the traditional clause library to the next level with Legal Suite GaLexy® document generator. You can securely produce contracts and all types of documents quickly. 

Legal Suite Document Generator saves lawyers time and effort by creating customized contracts, terms of service, privacy policy and more in minutes instead of hours or days. Lawyers can focus on serving their clients, not on generating paper. 

Legal Suite Document Generator offers an easy alternative to manual drafting of legal documents by using advanced technology to create custom documents in minutes.

Select from pre-made standard clauses and templates created by the relevant department – legal, insurance, purchasing, sales, or human resources. 

The Document Generation tool ensures a common and consistent contract policy across the entire enterprise. It provides responsiveness, productivity, and time savings.


Ready to step up to automation that saves you work-effort? 

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