Change Management

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Prepare Your Company For Anything

Legal-Suite Professionals can prepare, support, and help your team in making organizational change. Implementing new software is the perfect time to evaluate your business processes and streamline efficiencies. We can help your people adopt new and better ways to operate through a disciplined approach to change management.




Reduce Business Risk with Legal Suite consultants who can help you thrive with your new Business System

Our Legal Consultants make it easy for you to implement our solutions by helping you to:
  • Enter the initial records
  • Implement Workflow models
  • Implement access rights
  • Standardize model documents
  • Generate reports
  • Model Chatbot questions
  • Assign access rights… and much more!

As we complete the tasks needed to deploy the system, we understand that some of your team may resist change. We look at this as an opportunity to educate them to understand the benefits they will get by making the change. Our job is to help them know what to do in the new legal system and why it is necessary. 

Here are the principles for successful Change Management

1. Identify what will change

The first step to successful change management is to define the desired outcome of the change clearly. Legal-Suite consultants will help you clarify goals throughout the implementation. Explaining why a change is necessary and what you’re looking to improve goes a long way to ease any concerns. 

2. Gain buy-in with the executives

Buy-in at the executive level is critical for pushing through any successful change, whether you are looking for advocates of the process or working directly with those creating the change.  

3. Create a plan 

Our professional Legal Suite team will create a plan to document the strategy for implementing your solution. We identify where you’re starting from and the steps you will take to arrive at your destination. We’ll identify the scope and objective of the project, the resources and individuals required to execute your plan, and the budget needed for a successful rollout.

4. Communicate

A good change management plan depends on solid communication between your Legal Suite team and members of your organization. We’ll drill down to understand the needs and feedback of your team.  Getting honest feedback so people can voice their concerns and share what is working is essential. 

5. Monitor and manage risk

One of the significant risks to change management is resistance to change. Often resistance occurs due to a fear of the unknown. People may also resist change because of the risks associated with a new process or product.

Resistance is a normal reaction to change. Anticipating and preparing for resistance is achieved by training the project leads to address the concerns of reluctant participants, keeping the lines of communication open for a smooth transition


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