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Legal Suite Workflows

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Manage Policies Automatically

Law firms typically have a lot of policies, and they want to make sure that everyone is following them.

The problem is that most law firms aren't using software to enforce these policies, which means the staff isn't always aware of what's expected of them.

GaLexy® software from Legal Suite helps you keep your firm on track by creating workflows for every policy in your office. This allows you to create reminders for people when their tasks are due, and it also keeps the entire team informed about upcoming deadlines. You can even use this software to automate repetitive tasks like billing or document preparation so that no one has to waste time doing busywork anymore!

Software designed by Lawyers for Lawyers

Why not spend more time doing what you do best - practicing law - instead of spending hours every week dealing with technology issues and paperwork? Our system is easy enough for anyone on your team to learn quickly, but still powerful enough to manage the complexities!

Accomplish the main functions for legal professionals by ensuring compliance with procedures, tracking authorizations, and meeting deadlines. Since its creation, Legal Suite has focused its efforts on the workflow functions of its legal solutions through close collaboration with its customers.

Legal Suite has designed an easy-to-use workflow module to manage the operational flows of legal activities. Flexible, adaptable, and secure, the Workflow module allows lawyers to:

  • Work in collaborative mode - the Workflow supporting tool allows the solution to be administered at the level of a group of contributors
  • Establish standard workflows, to align with in-house validation procedures
  • Monitor the progress of projects
  • Preserve previous versions of legal documents
Use Legal Suite Workflow to:

  • Create and administer legal processes and the authorizations of internal and / or external contributors
  • Manage the life cycles of any legal document
  • Create alerts and reminders for key dates of a project

No more drowning in paperwork

Legal departments have to deal with a lot of unstructured data. There is no easy way to manage it all, and legal teams are drowning in paperwork.
With our software, you can easily set up workflows for every stage of the process and keep your team informed about what's next on their plate. Just like that, you'll be able to spend more time doing legal things and less time shuffling paper around.


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