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Microsoft 365 Integration

An Add-on to securely send, receive, and quickly retrieve emails from within Legal-Suite.


Legal Suite Microsoft 365 Integration

Share documents securely via email from within Legal Suite


Legal departments and corporate counsel are drowning in emails. 
It’s like the old saying goes, “You can never have too many emails, but you can definitely have too few.” With Legal Suite Outlook Integration, legal teams get to keep it all together—and make sure their inboxes don't turn into a black hole of information.

All Legal Suite modules can be equipped with an e-mail management add-on that is compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook®. With our solution your team will be able to track every single email that comes through your system by assigning them a case number and storing them in an organized manner for quick retrieval later on down the line if needed. 

Plus, with our Outlook plug-in you'll also be able to send outgoing documents via email directly from within the application without having to print out or copy-paste anything! Everything stays digital so there is no risk of losing any important data along the way. 

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