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Matter Management, a GaLexy® Solution from Legal Suite, is the control center for in-house counsel and legal departments. Its priority is to harness and track the plethora of information collected during day-to-day operations. 
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Automate Matter Management for Efficiencies

Are your teams still hauling around cumbersome file boxes? 
That’s a red flag indicating that it’s time to look at replacing your business software.

Are you playing hide and seek with your documents?
 It’s time to add automatic naming and filing to gain consistency that leads to efficiency. 

Is work-life balance an issue for your employees? 
Allow automation to do all the tedious work. Let your team get back to working on high-value activities. 


Digital technology has now evolved to solve these issues, and more. Many lawyers, in-house counsel, legal departments, and law practices have prioritized evaluating a modern legal management solution, so it's on the front burner.

Matter Management Software that Transforms Your Workday

Centralized Data

  •  Access All things related to a matter in one place 
  •  Everyone is working from one version of the truth
  •  Track contact details, tasks, invoices, payments, and more
  •  Answer questions faster and make better decisions

Work Flexibility 

  •  Work from anywhere, anytime in the Cloud
  •  Access with any internet device 
  •  Reduce infrastructure expenses
  •  Accommodate remote workers with secure technology

Communicate Securely

  • Collaborate with internal and external contacts through a secure portal
  • Share documents, emails for better teamwork
  • Generate and share accurate project reports with colleagues, vendors and customers
  • Real-time sharing to ensure on point information

Automate to Efficiency

  • Automatically fill in contact and matter details on documents to save time and eliminate errors 
  • Turn all your paper into data so you can easily store, secure, and find your documents 
  • Automatically fill in contact details that are stored in the database on new documents to save time 
  • Reduce costs by unburdening staff from repetitive tasks

Demonstrate Value to the Business

  • Get more done with state-of-the-art tools
  • Expedite searching and finding relevant documents
  • Receive alerts so you never miss a deadline
  • Optimize operations with workflows

Want a closer look?

Imagine What You Can Accomplish With Access to All Client-Related Matters in One Place

GaLexy® offers in-house counsel a central repository in the cloud. When your information is centralized, your people make fewer errors, and everyone finds what they need quickly. 

Improve your productivity significantly when you quickly access all information pertaining to a matter - emails, contracts, and documents.

Straight-talk from our customers:

« Firstable GaLexy® facilitated the sharing of information between members of the legal services.  Subsequently, we have seen an improvement in the processing time for internal customer requests for contracts and brand status. Finally, helping to monitor the evolution of important clauses and capturing differences between the various contracts has helped us reduce the risk of error. »

Catherine Ross, Senior Lawyer and Vice President Human Resources at the ALDO Group 

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« As a result of implementing Legal Suite, Randstad Canada has become a leader within the Randstad global organization, becoming the first operating company to fully integrate front and back office systems »

Michelle Miranda, Director, Contracts & Legal Affairs, Ranstad Canada.

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« The modules implemented with the Legal Suite team have allowed us to ensure better management of our real estate and all of our contracts, but also to perform macro and micro economic activity analyses through the software's reporting features. »

Alexandre Brunelat - KFC Legal Director

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Add-ons to Propel Productivity


  • Notifications
  • Workflows
  • DMS
  • Centralized Directory
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • Documents Generation
  • Multilingual
  • Time Management
  • Advanced Configurator
  • Search
  • Word Plug-in
  • Reports & KPI


  • Collaborative Portal
  • GaLexyTeams
  • GaLexyApp
  • GaLexyBot
  • GaLexyChat


  • Artificial Inteligence (AI)
  • Contract Authoring Tool
  • Knowledge Management
  • Electronic Signature
  • OCR

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