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Media, Communication & IT Industry Solutions

Published on : 08/04/2020 08 April Apr 04 2020

Lawyers who specialize in information technology and communication law are involved in many fields: intellectual property, copyright, trademark and patent law, but also competition law, consumer protection, and compliance with national and international regulations, which constitute the “legal knowledge base” of the new digital economy.



Intellectual property, data protection and security, and management of abundant information are at the heart of this “new economy”, which brings with it a new generation of specialized lawyers open to the most innovative forms of legal information management.

The economic activity of new information technologies and communication is governed by recent, complex rules of law built around the issues of regulation of operators, protection of personal data, and copyrights on content.

Lawyers in the NITC sector adopt Legal Suite solutions for the management of matter management, intellectual property contracts, as well as risks and litigation.


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