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Every Legal File at Your Fingertips

Published on : 18/11/2021 18 November Nov 11 2021

It's common for law firms and in-house counsels to be overwhelmed by the massive number of deadline-driven documents they need to get through by the end of each day. It isn't easy when the documents and files are stored across different decentralized databases.

In addition to being overwhelmed, an organization may lack general visibility and can waste resources trying to access different files in different locations. A centralized database and automated document management system is a game-changer to quickly access legal files for in-house counsel or law firms.

The Matter Management module by Legal Suite helps track all the information collected in your firm in the course of business. It ensures your documents are well-organized, easily accessible, and secure for future access, editing, and sharing. In short, all files are at your fingertips, from emails to agreements, contracts, electronic media, and more.

Benefits of Matter Management Software

So, why is it essential to have all your files in one place? 

Improve and Optimize How Lawyers Run Their Practice

Matter management helps law firms meet their information management needs by centralizing data and files and linking activities and billing, making it easier to generate insights faster and track your firm's performance.

Automation is better than basic file storage systems and law practice management systems that only hold your forms. How? Legal management software provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that help you find, organize, and manage your legal files with ease.

Additionally, it allows lawyers and legal counsel to convert existing complex documents and files into automated forms that are easy to draft and retrieve. For instance, you can use automation software to merge and populate a letter or form and export it as a Word or PDF document in a matter of seconds. 

Even better, cloud-based automation software allows legal professionals to access documents from anywhere at any time, something they can’t easily do when a local computer or server stores all data and information.

Reduce Manual Data Entry 

Legal document automation allows for automatic file creation, contract filling, and key data entry quickly and accurately. For example, making last-minute deal changes when under pressure could result in multiple text sections and signature block errors.

Having a system that implements the changes automatically saves you time and reduces errors that result from manual data entries. In addition, you no longer have to waste time with back-and-forth emails to approve changes and signatures. 

Online signatures are very convenient as they allow you to sign anywhere on a document, at any time, from any internet device. Furthermore, automation makes it easier to go paperless by scanning text and image documents. 

And, you don't have to spend hours trying to generate documents as you can easily merge templates with the data and contact details already saved within your software? You can boost staff productivity by sparing them the torture of performing endless repetitive tasks.

The best legal management solutions solutions merge intelligent automation with document management to ensure that automatically generated documents have the correct details, and everyone can access them easily, securely, and conveniently.

Data Centralization

With Matter Management, not only does everyone gain access to all client-related matters, but they get one version of the truth. You and your team can collaborate better because any critical updates, like changes in deadlines or scheduled appointments, are communicated to everybody simultaneously.

When data is centralized, team members can also track changes easily. For instance, they can track changes on contact details, invoices, tasks, and payments made to the relevant documents and determine who made the changes and when they were made.

They can use these insights to question decisions (if need be) and make data-driven decisions.
Finally, centralization makes it easier to search for data by keying in small relevant pieces of information, such as the name, date, and file type.

Secure Communication and Collaboration with Legal Suite Software

The software enables real-time communication within a team. As a result, team members receive notifications when new files are added, when a new person is assigned, or when one completes a given task. 

The Legal Suite system also allows secure communication with other internal and external stakeholders. For example, it will enable you to create and share legal letters and project reports with customers, vendors, and colleagues. It also ensures that these files are secure, and the systems trigger alerts for unauthorized breaches and malicious attacks. 

KFC is a renowned fast-food restaurant that trusted us to implement secure software to manage legal contracts and commercial leases. We implemented several Legal Suite modules that helped them operate securely. 

KFC's Legal Director, Alexandra Bruelat, attests to the success achieved by saying, "The modules implemented with the Legal Suite team have allowed us to ensure better management of our real estate and all of our contracts, but also to perform macro and microeconomic activity analyses through the software's reporting features."

Integration With Email And Document Software

Legal Suite software integrates with Microsoft 365 Outlook. You can import data and files directly into the system from Microsoft Outlook emails. We store all emailed documents in the system, and authorized users can share documents via email.   

When your legal system integrates with Outlook, you can capture contact information and search emails and attachments necessary for audit purposes. You can also use email and document templates to automate repetitive tasks like invoicing and drafting email reminders.

Access All Related Files In One Secure Place

Are you looking forward to boosting productivity and saving time wasted on non-billable or low-value administrative tasks? Then contact us today for a solution that solves these and other legal business problems for in-house counsel and law firms. We can't wait to introduce and walk you through automation that ensures all your legal files are at your fingertips.

About the author: 
Legal Suite is the worldwide leader in digital transformation for lawyers. We have delivered our state-of-the-art software for lawyers, law firms, and in-house general counsel to 65,000 users for over two decades.



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