Contract Management for In-House Counsel, Law Firms, Lawyers and Corporate Legal Departments

Contract Management for In-House Counsel, Law Firms, Lawyers and Corporate Legal Departments

Published on : 09/03/2020 09 March Mar 03 2020

Growing significantly for more than 10 years, the Contract Manager function arose from the need to contribute productivity and strong added value to industrial organizations by offering them a cross-disciplinary and global view of the contract life cycl Management



Contract Management departments are responsible for managing the entire life cycle of complex contracts, from their creation to their closure, through the coordination of the resources and processes necessary for the control of financial and legal risks. The Contract Manager’s expertise proves to be a real asset in the quest for sustainability and growth of companies.

According to the survey conducted by Legal Suite, the AFCM (French contract management association) and e²cm (European School of Contract Management), 80% of international deals involve the negotiation and signing of contracts of any nature. With this in mind and in view of the scope of the projects, the Contract Manager must use specialized automated tools to fully optimize the processes related to the contract life cycle.

Contract Management departments choose Legal Suite software, which provides a comprehensive, efficient, unifying tool for CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) professionals.


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