In-House Counsel

The in-house counsel is in charge of ensuring the legal security of operations and protecting the assets and executives of the company.

In-House Counsel

Ensuring the legal security of the company



The in-house counsel is involved in all phases of a project, prevents risks of litigation, and reviews litigation files. He/she steers, leads, and coordinates in-house matter management, and plays a key role in negotiations and managing costs with law firms and experts.

Faced with these responsibilities, capitalizing on the know-how of the teams, optimizing their collaborative processes, controlling the budgets, and measuring and communicating their performance indicators are key issues.

Today, the legal officer must be able to analyze and steer the legal performance of his or her department and be able to assess:

  • The quality of the expertise of the in-house lawyers on his or her team.
  • The efficiency of the organization and processes put in place.
  • The performance of his or her department’s business software.

To optimize the Business Process Management, in-house lawyers look for tools allowing them to capitalize on their know-how, control legal risks, and produce reliable reports on performance indicators. With its technical features and handling of issues of in-house counsels, the Legal Suite software allows them to be in step with the growing compliance and legal security requirements.


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