LS Open Law® Collaborative PortalLS Open Law® Collaborative Portal

Because legal activities bring together multiple specialties and areas of expertise and require reliable, secure transmission modes with all the business functions, Legal Suite has developed a collaborative portal, LS Open Law®, dedicated to the administration of legal records. Legal Suite Portal is the tool that unites and optimizes the GaLexy® product line.

LS Open Law® Collaborative Portal

Designed to manage a company’s legal information, the LS Open Law® Collaborative Portal is used by in-house counsels to manage, share, and store all documentation produced by their department, their clients, and their partners with whom they collaborate. Legal Suite’s LS Open Law® Collaborative Portal is the business partner of legal teams for:

Sharing information in real time.

Structuring and standardizing processes and workflows.

Guaranteeing the traceability of all operations related to each case.

Producing reports on activities and projects.

With LS Open Law® Collaborative Portal, you can:
  • Safely share legal documents and records.
  • Implement workflows on legal activities and reliably maintain the versioning of the documents produced.
  • Monitor the progress of a legal record and schedule its key dates.