Legal HoldLegal Hold

Preserving evidence when litigation becomes reasonably foreseeable can be time-consuming and complex for corporate legal departments, while non-compliance risks cannot be disregarded. Legal Hold is a GaLexy® tool that assists with claim management in order to anticipate litigations and, when necessary, ensure the implementation of a legal hold process in compliance with best practices. It is now possible to track the evolution of claims for each matter. More than a feature, Legal Hold is a tool tailored to identify risks and support decision-making, and is integrated with our full suite of modules including GaLexy® Matter Management solution.

Legal Hold: anticipate risks and improve processes

  • Automate legal hold processes, improve efficiency and save time
  • Create new legal hold easily from a centralized platform or directly from a matter file, and reduce complexity of processes
  • Manage claims, whether leading or not to a hold to identify and support decision-making
  • Identify, preserve, and centralize documents and related tools
  • Track legal hold files and versioning
  • Manage custodians and all related documentation
  • Report on past and current legal holds through a user friendly feature
  • Access summary and chronological events of the file
  • Schedule notifications and automate reminders to anticipate deadlines