Gartner Includes Legal Suite in the 2016 ELM Guide

Gartner Includes Legal Suite in the 2016 ELM Guide

Published on : 06/04/2020 06 April Apr 04 2020

Legal Suite has been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner report «Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions» published on Feb. 4th 2016.


Legal Suite in the “Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions” by Gartner

Legal Suite has been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner report “Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions” published on Feb. 4, 2016 by Jie Zhang and Jeffrey Wheatman, Gartner analysts. Legal Suite has previously been named by Gartner in Gartner’s first Magic Quadrant (under Enterprise Legal Management) and in Gartner’s Procurement and Contract Lifecycle Management (Procurement and Contract Management – CLM) report (Legal Suite is listed as a “Cool Vendor).” 

“Our belief, over 15 years ago, that the legal profession would find added value, expertise and performance leverage through the power of digital technology has now been confirmed by Gartner  […] Our presence in this guide confirms Legal Suite’s commitment to offer the best technologies to corporate lawyers, contract managers … ” reflects Patrick Deleau, founding President of Legal Suite. With two branches now in North America, Legal Suite is the only European based company among the seven major players in this new market guide dedicated to legal management activities.   

The study certifies a global level of maturity achieved by Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions. Providing an analysis of the ELM market and its key players, the study also speaks to company perspective. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of leveraging technologically to meet department control requirements. The majority of legal directors agree that conventional spreadsheets and internal tools are no longer able to support the specific needs of their profession which includes the ability to audit and evaluate all actions in place while controlling department expenses as well as external costs.

“Managing an entire department’s legal activity is no longer a daydream. With our range of software dedicated to all areas of law, lawyers and legal officials may return to the essence of their craft and enjoy contributing to the growth and protection of their organization,” adds Mr. Deleau.

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About Legal Suite

Legal Suite is a leading international provider of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solutions. Over the past decade, a quiet revolution has taken place in corporate legal departments. Corporate counsel are expected to proactively reduce financial and legal risk, maintain compliance standards and meet a rising tide of regulatory agency demands. In order to meet these new and increasing responsibilities, legal departments have turned to the same enterprise technologies that other departments use.

In 2000, a former General Counsel, now CEO of Legal Suite, designed a set of solutions flexible enough to address the business needs of the legal department, according to different legal areas such as contracts, litigation, general matters, IP, real estate and others. Today, Legal Suite is a recognized leader in Enterprise Legal Management and a leading international provider of corporate legal software solutions, offering a large choice of legal management modules, available separately or as a set. It also offers supporting tools such as Contract Generator, Document Management or KPI’s, for a comprehensive legal management process.
Legal Suite’s solutions are being used by departments of all sizes from single in-house departments to fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


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