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Here are our frequent asked questions. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you cannot find the answer.

Are you able to integrate with SharePoint® ?

The Legal Suite software interfaces with most ERPs and databases available (SAP®, Oracle®, SharePoint®, Documentum®, etc.). Whether to exchange data via flat files, batch treatment or webservices, the flow of data is assured by the Legal Suite (whether in import or export mode). 

Moreover, the integration with SharePoint enables users to access all of the documents stored into SharePoint without any difficulty: search engine, read-only access, modification access, document filing tree, etc.

Is the Legal Suite an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution ?

Indeed. Our software features the characteristics of an EDM system, such as drafting a document from a clause library, direct full text search on the content of a document, version management, and approval workflows or, the integration with word processing solutions (Microsoft® Word, OpenOffice®, etc.).

Is the Legal Suite a knowledge management solution ?

It is. The system is a true data repository, and it guarantees the durability and preservation of the in-house legal memory: file description and upload of its electronic documents, audit trail, multi-criteria and full text search function, dashboards and statistics that are easily customizable.

Can we expect any return on investment (ROI) with the Legal Suite Software ?

Good question, which is even more essential for law and IT departments. Our software gives users a real productivity, accrued traceability, optimized time management, and a true legal service assessment. The law department is finally able to prevent and benchmark risks through our legal information management solution. 

Tell me more about the maintenance.

From the day of operation, Legal Suite provides assistance with both corrective and upgrade maintenance to users who subscribed to an annual maintenance agreement. 

Our corrective maintenance services provide access to customer support management tool and telephone assistance.  

Legal Suite’s in-house counsel and computer engineers are available to guarantee a smooth and long-lasting usage of your Legal Suite software. 

Do you provide any documentation to our IT department ?

In order to ease the administration and the understanding of database structure, LEGAL SUITE provides you with the adequate technical documentation. First, the installation manual guides the system administrator for the software installation, and the system configuration. Second, the database model dictionary is extracted to give the administrator information on tables and fields.

What about the interaction with our AntiVirus ?

The Legal Suite application is capable of operating in an environment where the application and the data files are subject to scanning with different antivirus software such as McAfee® VirusScan (AVS) or Symantec® AntiVirus EEv10. The application does not interfere in the scanning process and is compliant to such environment.

How does the Legal Suite deal with security ?

Legal Suite is capable of encrypting the communication and data exchanged between its applications and other system applications, including the GO-IT standards.

The Legal Suite system also ensures security at the data entry level. For each type of data managed by the Software, its integrity is verified directly in the browser. This validation ensures a correct insertion in the database. Here are few examples: 

  • A Date field must be entered with one of the correct patterns to be validated, 
  • A Text field must be inferior to the maximum length,
  • A float value must contain only numeric values, 

For system audit, two types of logs are also provided to the customer:

  • System Log: Added to the application server log, Legal Suite provides extra logs, configurable by the system administrator (Available levels: Error, Debug, Info). Those logs provide information on system events, as database requests, startup and shutdowns, etc.
  • Audit Log: the audit Log is accessible through the Legal Suite Administration Module interface. The audit targets all the actions taken by users, inside the Legal Suite application. 

The protection of the Legal Suite program and data integrity requires the implementation or the extension by your IT Department of current state of the art tools, resources and procedures of security, protection or back-up adapted to its information system. In order to protect access to the intranet the IT department must implement appropriate security procedures. Additionally, your IT department must schedule regular backups.

Are there any requirements regarding the client workstations ?

The Legal Suite solutions, including Legal Business Doc, were coded to work in N-tiers environments, which deployment insures thin client workstations to access the software via a standard Internet Browser.

Are there any restrictions and constraints on the number of files to be uploaded ?

The Legal Suite system does not impose any limit to the number of record collections that can be created in the application / database, nor does it limit any size of those records, the data fields or terminology.

Where are the files stored ?

All attached documents to the Legal Suite can be stored in the database directly or on a file server. If the documents are stored on a file server, the service account will be used to access the folder. There is no restriction on the type of documents that can be uploaded and shared in the system. Wherever available in the Module, the attached documents tab allows user to share and have access to the documents previously uploaded.

How does one user authenticate himself/herself ?

The user’s authentication can be done within the application itself, or through a LDAP server. If a LDAP server is used, the connection can be established with a service account or an anonymous account. 

The single-sign-on (SSO) can be implemented using the HTTP headers or using a SSO server.  In all cases, user rights are all managed within the application..

Is the software installed online or on an internal server ?

The Legal Suite software is a multi-platform Intranet and Internet application. Depending on your internal security procedures, you can elect to have it installed on your server or as a hosted solution (SaaS mode).

Does the Legal Suite integrate with E-mail systems ?

The Legal Suite uses an external SMTP server to send all notifications, alarms and workflows to your inbox, whether Microsoft Outlook, Lotus, etc.

Will the software save time in managing my caseload ?

Absolutely! Not only will you be more organized but you will also be more efficient as the Legal Suite will help you streamline your workload and collaborative processes. 

I am looking for a reporting system. What can Legal Suite do for me ?

The Legal Suite offers a powerful real-time reporting system. Each module allows the users to, easily: 

  • Build and manage custom ad-hoc reports
  • Print predefined recurrent reports 

Moreover, we also offer an audit trail function that allows to globally report on all the modules that have been selected by the law department. Those Key Performance Indicators help you set clear benchmarks while enabling you to measure and communicate your value and productivity to your clients. 

Is the Legal Suite available in foreign languages ?

Yes, the software is available in English, French and Spanish. We also provide other optional application languages.

Is the program easy to learn and to use ?

Definitely. The software has been researched and developed by fellow in-house counsel who understand that technology must not hinder productivity. Information Management must flow seamlessly. Moreover, upon implementation, we provide effective onsite live training or remote training and we provide you with user manuals.

We are a small law department. Are your solutions adapted to our size ?

Absolutely! We work with any law departments, regardless of size and location.

In fact, we even packaged the “Legal Suite Web Compact” as a compromise tailored to the needs of smaller team (from 1 to 5 personnel within the law department). This solution can be accessible in SaaS mode.

“Created by In-House Counsel for In-House counsel”. What does that mean ?

Our founder was a former General Counsel who realized that law departments had no tools dedicated to their practice. From Day 1, the modules and tools have been researched and developed by Legal Suite in-house counsel alongside technical engineers.

How can I convert any of my existing data into the Legal Suite Software ?

To ensure protection of your in-house legal and administrative memory while avoiding any waste of time caused by data re-entry, Legal Suite offers its experience and expertise in data conversion. 

Subject to compatibility with our database framework, Legal Suite offers data conversion services, often essential to save large volumes of past and current files and which manual entry would be too costly or time-consuming for our clients.  Through development of a conversion function, all or part of your source data source would be converted into Legal Suite’s target data. 

Can the system integrate with existing technologies?

The Legal Suite software works as well on Intranet as on Extranet multi-platforms, according to web-based software architecture, using a thin client and according to the J2EE standards (see page Technologies). Our modern and stable technology (Java J2EE) is a major advantage to easily integrate with our customers’ computer architecture.

Is the software configurable?

The software is highly configurable. Not only can an administrator instantly modify fields and drop-down menus in the application by herself/himself, but she/he can also add fields and even tabs with the Advanced Administration module

Can I only select the Legal Suite modules that are relevant to my in-house practice?

The Legal Suite is an a-la-carte system: each law department choses the modules that fit its practice(s).  For each module, tasks include creation, modification and protected-deletion of files, data extraction, report generation, search engine, and many more features.
Should you have several legal issues that require to be managed (for example: litigation cases, intellectual property matters and contracts), the modules are built around the same core engine to allow them to integrate and communicate with one another.