Matter ManagementMatter Management -

Because matter management is, in essence, the primary activity of company lawyers, Legal Suite has developed the Matter Management module dedicated to managing their activity and logging their consultations. Designed to facilitate and optimize the management of in-house legal consultations across all areas of the law, the module is a reporting and knowledge management tool for in-house matter management activities with the various units of the company.

The Legal Suite Matter Management module is the business partner of legal teams for:

Capitalizing on and standardizing your legal recommendations.

Monitoring all analyses and opinions provided.

Providing an accurate view of your activity through performance and volume indicators.

With the Legal Suite Matter Management module, you can :
  • List and describe your areas of law.
  • Identify the parties, context, and issues of each consultation.
  • Put validation circuits in place.
  • Preserve history and anticipate future key dates.

This module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.