The management of litigation is the core focus of in-house lawyers. Today, the Litigation module developed by Legal Suite is the benchmark solution for managing and identifying disputes of any kind to better anticipate them. It provides in-house counsels with an overall, relevant picture of the impacts, risks, and issues in managing disputes. Thanks to the tracking and display of the proceedings history and the use of alerts, it ensures accurate analysis of the financial risks and costs of each case.

Litigation: active management of disputes

The Legal Suite Litigation module is the business partner for:

Mapping litigation to spearhead an effective prevention policy.

Monitoring each case at every stage of the proceedings.           

Evaluating provisions for risks and controlling the costs of your proceedings.

With the Legal Suite Contract Management module, you can:
  • List and sort your disputes.
  • Preserve history and anticipate future key dates.
  • Quickly access to all exhibits of the case.
  • Anticipate key dates.
  • Manage litigation reports for senior management.

This module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.