The Legal Matter Management module is designed to support the Legal Department’s full range of legal matters, from legal advice to contracts or litigation. The company can achieve a better understanding of legal operations by implementing an efficient management of in-house legal work, operational structure, and internal processes. This versatile and adaptable tool makes it possible to easily anticipate commitments, expenses, and work volumes based on the company’s activity.

Corporate Legal Matter Management: Increase Effectiveness and Monitor Costs for Your Legal Matters

 Automate corporate legal matter management

 Generate reports and access real-time information

 Control and analyze your budget and fees to reduce legal spend

 Enhance collaboration within your team and with outside counsel


Automate Legal Matter Management for In-House Counsel

Automate and secure matter management and contract creation through template generation and a notification system. Easily describe the legal file, its field (purchasing, confidentiality, finance, taxation...), qualify the matter’s processing priority level, its background, and identify all the stakeholders. Our software also allows you to access and store all your documents in a centralized location to ensure a complete and accurate database.

Generate Reports Using Analytics Tools

Measure workload, response time to requests, deadline compliance, department output, and performance vs objectives.

Proactively Manage Legal Costs and Increase ROI

Control legal spend by managing and tracking the legal department’s financial resources, with full invoice lifecycle management, including extended capabilities for electronic data capture, detection and notification of errors, adjustments, approvals, etc. Generate reports that illustrate the overall financial performance of the in-house legal department.

Enhance collaboration within your in-house legal team and with outside counsel

Unify your team within a comprehensive and collaborative platform. Centralize information and documentation received by outside counsel to reduce data loss and better track progress.