Intellectual propertyIntellectual property

Intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, designs and models, and domain names, is an integral part of a company’s intangible assets. To enhance the security of the approaches used to protect rights associated with creation and industrial property, Legal Suite has developed the Intellectual Property module. Designed to protect and enhance the value of the intellectual capital of a company’s products and services, the module ensures the accurate management of the entire rights portfolio. It provides global coverage of intellectual property assets from the initial novelty searches and the filing formalities to their registration or issue, then their extensions and renewals.

Intellectual property: protect and enhance the value of your intellectual property rights

The Intellectual Property module is the business partner of the legal teams for:

Monitoring the life cycle of filings for trademarks, patents, designs, and models.

Managing operating, manufacturing, and marketing licenses for the company’s products and services.

With the Intellectual Property module, you can:
  • List each component of intellectual or industrial property.
  • Identify everyone involved (inventors, owners, partners) and the context of the protected right or the invention.
  • Preserve the history of the right and be alerted of future key dates.
  • Enhance the value of your intangible assets through rigorous monitoring of granted licenses.
  • Preserve your knowledge capital (custom reports).

The Intellectual Property module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.