The E-Billing module developed by Legal Suite, consistent with the international Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards (LEDES), introduces a process for tracking billing by outside consultants (lawyers, experts, etc.), from the issue of the invoice to its payment.

E-Billing: control legal spending

The E-Billing module is the business partner of legal teams for:

Automating the billing control processes (detection and notification of errors, adjustments, approvals, etc.).

Optimizing billing task management time (issue, validation, payment).

Monitoring and checking the billing of lawyers’ fees and consulting services.

Analyzing and managing legal spending.

With the E-Billing module, you can:
  • Generate automated rules to validate the conformity of invoices.
  • Customize validation rules.
  • Track the life cycle of an invoice.
  • Produce statistics on the quality of billing and the savings generated.

The E-Billing module for legal activities is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy product line.

LEDES ebilling standards