Corporate EntitiesCorporate Entities

For large companies, Legal Suite has designed and developed a module dedicated to managing company data and holdings. The Corporate Entities module ensures traceability and transparency of events of corporate life and automates their management (articles of association, securities, capital transactions, DGE reporting, etc.) and allows the activity to be managed according to the governance rules and specific laws of each country.

Corporate Entities: for better Corporate Legal Governance

Legal Suite’s Corporate Entities module is the business partner of teams in charge of managing governance and compliance risk management for:

Managing direct and indirect holdings.

Automating the production of corporate instruments.

With the Companies module, you can :
  • Prepare detailed records on each entity of your company.
  • Model flowcharts to gain a comprehensive view of the corporate scope and everyone involved.
  • Manage the calendar and documentation relating to the corporate life of the group.
  • Access the history of events relating to entities of the group and each legal entity.

The Corporate Entities module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line. It complements the Power of Attorney module.