Anticipation, negotiation, and drafting are the main requirements of in-house lawyers and teams in charge of contract management. To assist them throughout the entire contract life cycle, Legal Suite has developed the Contracts module. Designed to follow and track all steps in the production of contracts, from the negotiation phase to the final agreement, and guarantee their traceability, the module can identify key clauses, latent risks, and possible instances of non-compliance and evaluate their financial impacts for the company.

Contracts: optimize your contractual performance

The Legal Suite Contracts module is the business partner of legal teams for:

Automating and securing your company’s contract activity and structuring and preserving your contract assets.

Controlling the steps in negotiating and drafting contracts.

Analyzing the legal and financial impact of contracts.

Verifying the proper performance of contracts and managing their amendments.

With the Legal Suite Contract Management module, you can:
  • List and sort your contracts.
  • Automate internal and external validation and review workflows.
  • Quickly access all documents relating to a contract.
  • Anticipate key dates (expiration dates, renewal dates, etc.).
  • Publish reports and advanced indicators.

This module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.