Contract Lifecycle ManagementContract Lifecycle Management

To best respond to the responsibilities of Contract Managers in the management of complex contractual projects, Legal Suite developed the Contract Lifecycle Management module. The Contract Lifecycle Management module is the perfect complement to the Contract module, favoring a project approach and optimizing contract management, from the initialization of the contract to its closure. It is used by Contract Managers to identify financial and technical risks as well as opportunities for each project implemented by the company. The CLM module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.

Contract Management: Control and optimize your contracts lifecycle

Legal Suite’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) module is the business partner of contract law professionals for:

Having a comprehensive contract view and traceability of all contracts embedded in each project.

 Optimizing your contracts tracking through the detailed management of each phase of your contract lifecycle management (creation - negotiation - validation - execution - closure/ extension)

 Identifying, evaluating and managing commercial risks and levers

Contributing to the profitability of projects through precise financial monitoring (deliverables, defaults, penalties, additional costs, etc.).

Assessing the overall profitability of each project and tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs).

With the Legal Suite CLM module, you can:
  • Arrange negotiations (preparations and talks).
  • Track key deadlines through alerts.
  • Control the evolution of your contract cycle (changes and amendments).
  • Track and manage your deliverables.
  • Reference all commercial levers and identify and track their profits.
  • Administer your most sensible data (confidentiality, personal data, intellectual property).
  • Manage incoming and outgoing written communications.
  • Anticipate, detect, and manage risks, claims, and disputes.
  • Produce detailed reports for each step in the contract cycle.