Initially materialized by the “bill of lading” in maritime law or the “waybill” in land transport, transportation law has been enriched for a century by air and space law as well as the explosion of tourism. This economic sector requires special legal expertise and maturity.


Master international agreements to enhance efficiency and performance

Lawyers who specialize in transportation law are not limited to national law. They have a command of the numerous international agreements that have forged the laws on transporting good and passengers over the centuries.

Whether they work in private companies or public institutions, lawyers who are experts in transportation law advise and preserve their respective organizations in areas of law as varied as tariff and customs agreements, environmental rules and transport of hazardous materials, roadway and social regulations, and disputes and litigation related to damage and the dangers of transport by road, rail, sea, or air.

Many in-house counsels of major players in the transportation and tourism sector have heightened their efficiency and performance through a combination of business modules from the Legal Suite product line, such as contracts, litigation, insurance, and matter management.

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