Real Estate

The units in charge of managing real estate holdings must be able to have all the information helpful for making decisions in order to preserve and enhance the value of the company’s real estate and land holdings in all their components.

Real Estate

Consolidate data to facilitate evaluation and decision-making

The real estate director is a stakeholder in the company’s development strategy and works in close coordination with the finance department, the development department, and the senior management.

As part of the global management of the company’s property holdings, this person also takes on a role as advising expert and must consolidate reporting tools providing in particular:

  • the statement of assets and the types of real property (industrial, commercial, or residential buildings, built or not)
  • their allocations and costs
  • the status of the company (land owner, lessor, or lessee)
  • the operators involved at a project site.

The Legal Suite solutions allow the departments in charge of managing property holdings to optimize the management of inventories, insurance, and rental agreements and enhance the value of the company’s real estate assets.


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