Public Sector

The legal affairs directorates within the central departments of the governments and of local authorities handle extremely varied and complex issues related to public law.

Public Sector

Legal expertise to support the national community


The legal affairs directorates support the civil service in its capacity as purchaser through the award of public contracts of all types (construction work, IT services, suspension services) and in contractual structuring for collaborations with the private sector (Public-Private partnerships (PPP) Public Service Delegation, Long-term Administrative Lease, etc.). They assist in creating and managing the legal life of public and quasi-public entities (Local Public Companies, Semi-Public Companies, Public Interest Grouping, etc.).


They also work with administrators to preserve and protect the public domain, i.e. the property of the state and of local authorities, whether real estate, vehicles, equipment and material owned by the civil service, in addition to protecting intellectual property. Their expertise further includes insurance law, with the implementation of policies covering risks related to the performance of the civil service or damage to public property.


Public sector lawyers are required to act in the areas of town-planning and environmental law, public economic law, public health law, and telecommunications and digital law, in a consulting and litigation capacity. In the latter case, they have a dual role: ensuring the successful implementation of actions geared towards compliance with administrative and regulatory laws, and defending the interests of the state and of local authorities.


Legal Suite is proud to have been entrusted with the implementation of legal information systems intended for various entities and organizations of the public and quasi-public sector, in particular via these contractual, litigation, in-house counsel and insurance management solutions.

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