In-house counsels and litigation departments of large companies and organizations, whether private or public, are responsible for defending their company’s strategic, commercial, and image interests at a controlled cost.


Analyze and measure to better anticipate the risk of litigation

Faced with a sharp increase in cases, the teams in charge of managing litigation are more than ever attentive to their impacts on the company’s financial results. The effectiveness of dispute risk prevention is based on a comprehensive view of all cases, regardless of their nature, procedure, or jurisdiction.

The financial results reflect the litigation management activity and its main indicators: changes in risk provisions, recovered debts, and damages. These teams look for reliable analysis and reporting tools to prevent the most costly risks – including the risk of insolvency – and therefore increase the company’s performance over the short and long term.

To enhance the reliability of their analytical approach to the cost of dispute risk, in-house counsels adopt Legal Suite solutions for litigation management and e-billing of legal services.


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