Healthcare / Cosmetology

Key partners of governments in matters of public health, the healthcare industries gather together – around a common goal of prevention, diagnosis, disability compensation, and treatment of diseases – various players such as professionals in human and veterinary medications, chemistry and biotechnology, diagnosis, and medical devices, not to mention pharmaceutical distribution and the many subcontractors of healthcare products.

Health Care / Cosmetology

Respond to the issues of research and health safety at the global level

Given that the organization of healthcare systems is particularly regulated, the specialized lawyers of this sector seek to provide legal responses and solutions each day to the issues of research and health safety. Their area of involvement is not limited to national law; it is European and global.


They are mobilized upstream around innovation and the protection of results of scientific research with patents and trademarks. They naturally work in liability law (civil, criminal, environmental) and have a command of the legal framework for marketing and advertising health and cosmetology products as well as the issues of regulatory compliance, competition, and consumer protection specific to healthcare law. Faced with such issues, the in-house counsels of large players of the pharmacy, healthcare, and cosmetology sector have forged their legal information system by combining the Legal Suite modules dedicated to matter management, contracts, intellectual property, and litigation.

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