Legal Suite’s New Real Estate Module is Launched

Legal Suite Real Estate Module


Legal Suite launches its Real Estate module dedicated to legal professionals under GaLexy®, the scalable, secured, and modular software suite. It is the daily partner of real estate departments to optimize the management of their commercial real estate portfolio.

A full control of the entire real estate portfolio

Simple, comprehensive and efficient, are the cornerstones of the new version of the Real Estate module developed by Legal Suite. Now available under GaLexy®, it guarantees to the legal and real estate departments a complete overview of the real estate and rental assets of the company and/or group. Whether your property is commercial, industrial, or residential, whether you are the lessor or the lessee, the module tracks and keeps all information related to the management of your real estate portfolio. Within the workspace, the user can fill in key features of the leases while getting a detailed and updated vision of the legal aspects of each contract.

A tool suitable for daily requirements

The module has advanced functionalities made to meet the new requirements of groups regarding real estate. It is designed for a "site by site" management, including the commercial opening and closing dates, sales area, total area, etc. A centralized and dynamic display of real estate’s holdings for each site facilitates the overview of the real estate portfolio in real time. The tool also includes a reminder system. Like an alarm, these alerts prevent missed contract key dates and allows deadlines to be anticipated such as the leave limit and renewal.

Heading towards a global scale

In response to the growing development of groups globally, an assistant developed to generate the terms of the leases abroad, is integrated natively in the module. Therefore, the calculation of the indexation is automatically performed according to the indexes of the country involved.

An accurate tracking of rentals

Besides legal control, the Real Estate solution assists the user in managing the financial information of a lease, from the identification of the type of lease applicable, to the automated calculation of lease indexation based on the indexation of each country. Moreover, the application allows the comparison of the hypothetical rent, the tracking of collateral deposits and forecasted vs actual charges and taxes. 

Combined with Open Law

The Real Estate module can be combined with Open Law, Legal Suite’s Collaborative portal. The portal allows for facilitated interactions with other departments within the company, and for real time collaboration with internal and external clients while using a private, interactive, and secured workspace. Through real time sharing of information, it can be used to facilitate and streamline interactions during the phases of contractual negotiations. Additionally, it ensures a simplification of contractual processes, including through electronic signature.

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