Legal Suite joins Septeo group! Learn more in this video…

Patrick Deleau and Thierry Mallat, Founder and CEO of Legal Suite, along with Jean-Luc Boixel and Philippe Rivière, President and CEO of Septeo, share with you their insights regarding the birth of this new European player of legal technologies.



About Legal Suite

As leading global provider of Enterprise Legal Technology®, Legal Suite supports its customers’ legal performance by providing its expertise in the fields of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Legal Suite’s software for in-house counsel addresses the day-to-day needs of legal departments such as: Contracts, Matter Management, Corporate Entities, Litigation, Power of Attorney, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, etc. With offices in North America and Europe, the Legal Suite group can call on more than 18 years of experience, over 1,000 projects, more than 600 customers and 50,000 users throughout the world.


A propos de Septeo

A leading technology provider supporting liberal legal professions in France and Europe, Septeo applies its expertise to 10,000 clients and 82,000 users: Notaries, Lawyers, Real Estate Managers and SMEs (GENAPI, SECIB, SPI, etc). Located in Montpellier, France, Septeo generated revenues of more than 100M euros in 2017, and employs 900 associates. The group is owned and driven by its two founders, Philippe RIVIERE et Jean-Luc BOIXEL.
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