Security and Backup


Data Backup 

The essential points
  1. Integration of your data with Secib
  2. Data encryption  
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Your secure and backed up data

Your firm's data is one of your most precious assets. Details of your customers, partners and service providers, files and documents ... you use and depend on them every day, they are irreplaceable for the proper functioning of your practice.

Data and Network Security 

The essential points
  1. Digital access to hard drives
  2. GDPR compliant
  3. Data backup by Onedrive synchronization 
  4. Replacement and identical configuration of stolen or lost devices
  5. Deployment automation
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Protect your data and your network from cyber threats


Data accessible from any device


Encryption of access to all hard drives (mobile, PC) making data inaccessible without user credentials..Tracing the activity of all terminals in a Microsoft Azure portal: connections / 
disconnections, sending of emails, modification of Onedrive file, connection to Secib

GDPR compliance

Access to Office 365 and Secib by LS  with the same username / password
How facial recognition works> secured by encryption
Data backup and protection through Onedrive synchronization> protection against cryptolockers, loss or theft of equipment
Ability to revert to a previous version of an Office 365 document
Remote locking of access to terminals (Mobiles and PC)


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