Production of documents


Merging documents

Automate and speed up your production

The essential points
  1. Minimize errors
  2. Accelerate the writing process 
  3. Customize page backgrounds 
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Automate and speed up your production

Accelerating document generation by merging involves two elements: your database and  documents. 

Your database lists organizes all the data entered in your software.
  • Information of your contacts
  • Billables
  • Hearing and Meetings

All documents created with Word, which will serve as the basis for your documents and for which the only data / information that changes relates to the files: parties and persons involved, amounts invoiced or paid, etc.

Customized Word Template

Automate and accelerate your production

The essential points
  1. Integration of your models in the application
  2. Merge of all the file data if needed
  3. Harmonized graphic charter and communication
  4. No more copy/paste errors
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We integrate your templates and your graphic charter into the Secib by LS application for the production of documents specific to your activity or to the field of law in which you practice.

These personalized models can touch various subjects:
  • Employment contract (labor law)
  • Real estate leases (real estate law)
  • General terms and conditions of sale (commercial law)
  • Divorce agreement (family law)
  • etc. ...

You and your team can also modify them to follow the evolution of your files and your activity. Secib by LS trainers can also train you to customize these templates.

Complementary Information

Personalize the content of your files

The essential points
  1. Personalization & Adaptation of your files
  2. Additional Information for document merging
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Because the way your firm operates is specific to you and because your production processes are also specific to you, Secib by LS has provided the possibility of creating personalized fields allowing you to fill in additional information of your choice.

All this information can then be used to generate your documents via the Secib merge.

You can thus create fields from any type of form field:
  • Short text field
  • Long text field
  • Check box
  • Selection button
  • Date selector
  • Drop-down menu

A law firm specializing in equine law could create fields for the characteristics of the horses its clients own and which must appear in the documents concerning them: color of the coat, ancestry or descent, name of the owner, etc.

A divorce lawyer can create additional fields for the details of the real estate to be shared between the parties.



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