File management



Dont miss deadlines anymore

The essential points
  1. Creation of action
  2. Deadlines
  3. Calendaring
  4. Increased visibility of upcoming tasks
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Plan your activity

Certain legal procedures impose a chronology of events which must imperatively follow one another, and which involve different actors and jurisdictions. Our software allows you to link actions in three stages:
  • Define the type of action to be linked to a procedure (Calendar, Audience, Task, Time spent, Fees, Disbursements and Invoice)
  • Create or choose an activity code
  • Modify the chosen action group
You can also assign a completion duration for each action and assign it to a corresponding role that you have defined in your file (employee, secretary, partner, accountant ...).

In addition to reducing the risk of defaulting on a procedure, linked actions allow your team to gain better visibility of upcoming tasks and better plan their activity.


The essential points

  1. Master the workflow of your practice
  2. Create your own validation cycles
  3. No more lost documents
  4. Accessible anywhere
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Circulate your documents

Transmission of documents between team members must be done in a fluid, transparent manner and without leaving any backlog of documents: letters not read or not validated, dictations not corrected, acts to be validated etc.

The signature book allows you to receive and transmit all types of documents at different stages of their design, from the first draft to their dispatch.

Configure the different stages in the life of your documents: type, correct, validate, reread, send etc. Create as many steps as necessary to ensure the smooth circulation of writings, letters, acts and documents within your practice.


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