The essential points
  1. Customized notification system
  2. Notifications to team members 
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Your online meetings synchronized in your calendar

Your dashboard informs you daily of tasks, documents pending in your signature book (which can also generate notifications directly in Windows) and of appointments registered in your calendar.

Beyond simple alerts, Secib by LS facilitates collaboration within your team by providing several methods of solicitation, both between its members and outside the firm.

With a simple right click on an item (file, document, invoice, time spent, task or appointment, payment or fees), you can send a notification by e-mail leading directly to the notified item.

The notification system can complement the initialing device by allowing notifications outside the workflow and the usual life cycles of your practice. 

Plugin Secib pour Outlook

The essential points
  1. Your attachments directly in your files Secib without passing by windows
  2. Workflow integration
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Simplify your files

The Outlook Plugin allows you to drag & drop emails and attachments to the file of your choice.

How does it work?

In Outlook, drag the selected message(s) from the list of received emails to the appropriate folder. The plugin will ask you which item to attach (message or attachments) and in which folder of the folder to attach them with the possibility to create a new folder on the fly. To directly enter an item in your validation process, you can also add it to the signature page, to the step and to the recipient of your choice.



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