Team management


Team management

Assign specific roles and permissions to each member of your firm and guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges and the security of your data​​​​​​​

The essential points

  1. Create custom profiles
  2. Protect access to your sensitive and confidential data 
  3. Centralize access management
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Each of these profiles can be assigned different permissions or restrictions - three types of actions are available: ‘view’, ‘create/edit’ and ‘delete’. These permissions are granted or denied for different functions of your application.

Files and people, history, fees, trust, billing, documents, initials, calendar, tasks, statistics, general settings....Finer adjustments are possible to manage the accessibility of certain data or specific functions.

Protect your practice data

Key members of your firm have defined roles and do not always need access to the same functions and data.  Whether administrative, judicial, or financial ... Our platform allows you to create fully customizable user profiles:

  • Partner
  • Associate
  • Intern 

Multi-site management

File management, financial management, collaboration... With Secib by LS, unify and rationalize the operation of your practice across its various sites.

The essentials
  1. All your sites managed from the same account
  2. Separate numbering of your files
  3. Management of teams and members
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Unified management of all your sites

The growth of your firm have led you to create or integrate other sites and it has become essential to share and cross-reference information and documents: administrative, legal, financial... Secib by LS allows you to manage several sites from the same place and independently in their invoicing and organization (members, teams, file numbering) without the need for separate accounts, guaranteeing the fluidity of your data circulation without threatening its integrit.


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