Fees, Disbursements, Regulations, Trust

Your accounting in detail

The essential points
  1. Track all your expenses, disbursements and payments
  2. Rebill your clients with all transparency
  3. Precise accounting
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The invoices published by your firm must show the costs and disbursements incurred in processing the files.

We allow you to enter your costs, disbursements and supplier costs to re-invoice them to your customers with complete transparency.

All this information can then be used to prepare your invoices and send them to the people you have previously declared billable in your files.

You can then enter the payments received by selecting the payment method and the relevant accounting journal.

Also manage your trust and IOLTA entries to centralize your accounting in a single software.

Reminders of Unpaid Bills

Strengthen your cash flow

The essential points
  1. Daily monitoring of your receivables
  2. Monthly reporting
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The financial stability of your law firm depends in part on the payment of invoices owed to you. Usually, a simple reminder is enough to trigger payment from your client. With the multiplication of invoices, unpaid invoices can accumulate and must be dunned in bulk.

Secib by LS allows you to filter unpaid invoices according to the person responsible, the file, the period of issue, the person invoiced or the balance of the invoice. You can thus target your reminders and exclude certain people or even certain files.
The dunning management function manages 3 different levels of dunning, either automatically or manually.

Before dunning, the detailed list can be exported to perform arbitration and more advanced processing in Excel.

Secib Chronos

Measure the profitability of your actions

The essential points
  1. Monitor progress of your cases
  2. Measure profitability of your casess
  3. Edit detailed invoices
  4. Bill at the right time 
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A flexible tool for multiple use

Lawyers: keep an eye on the progress of your cases and keep flexibility for billing your clients
Managers: consult the past times of your teams to monitor the performance of your practice
Assistants: edit detailed invoices according to the tasks performed or the deadlines reached.

Record time spent easily

How a law firm is billed can determine much of how it works.

By invoicing by time spent, associates or collaborators of your firm calculate the real time devoted to the accomplishment of a task,: study of a file, drafting of act or legal conclusion, court session etc.

The SECIB Chronos timekeeping and time recording satellite application makes it possible to create several simultaneous and independent stopwatches.

Start a stopwatch at the start of a first task, pause it when receiving a phone call for which you are starting a second stopwatch.

At the end of your phone call, validate the elapsed time and assign it to the appropriate file. It will be added to the rest due according to the scale assigned to the corresponding task. Then resume your original task by restarting the first stopwatch.

 All your time spent is then sorted and listed by file and likely to be billed.

Customizable Scales and Rates

Customize and adapt your billing

The essential points

  1. Customizable scales and rates according to profile and stains
  2. Basic rate or fixed packages 
  3. Billing simplified
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Services and tasks performed by various members of a law firm can be billed differently depending on their experience, level of expertise, etc.

When several people are involved in a case, establishing clear invoicing can be complicated. We allow you to create scales and apply rates based on fully configurable profiles which can be activated or deactivated according to the life of your practice: associations, recruitments, promotions, departures, etc.

These scales are then applied to rate models according to the typology of the file processed, making it possible to distinguish between the files: divorce, institutional file, appeal procedure etc. Rate change dates can also be assigned by schedule.  The basic rate of a collaborating lawyer can thus be increased on a given date without affecting the rates of the other scale profiles.

Finally, basic rates or fixed rates can be determined for each activity generating costs in order to be able to charge them transparently: travel, mail or file costs, etc.



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