Analysis and Decisions


Secib Analytics

Analyze your performance in real time

The essential points
  1. Real time data 
  2. Dashboards to manipulate and filter data
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Data at the center of decision making

The management of a law firm must be based on objective and concrete elements.  Which files or areas of law are the most profitable? What amounts are billed and / or paid?  So much information available, the analysis of which remains complex and time-consuming.

A real decision-making tool, SECIB Analytics connects your Secib by LS software database with Excel to simplify the processing of your firm's financial data.  With these dynamic dashboards, you can easily:
  • Visualize your data in the form of graphs and tables
  • Filter your data by period, typology, code, amounts of files, invoices or payments

Analyze your performance

All the graphs and tables presented are dynamic, created in real time with updated data from your practice. Filter your data according to their different dimensions: billing codes, users, managers or collaborators…

Use the research developed by SECIB to combine several filters (date ranges, invoices and payments, officials and payments, etc.).  Use reports according to your needs: export, consultation, printing, sharing between associates.


Monitor the activity of your practice

The essential points
  1. The activity of your cabinet and your teams in a blink of an eye
  2. Customizable dashboards
  3. Thematic tabs: financial, production, agenda and tasks…
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Secib by LS  offers you customizable dashboards on your home screen, allowing you to acquire a general idea of ​​your firm's activity in an instant:
  • Recently opened files
  • Tasks to perform, overdue or recently processed
  • Documents produced or initialed
  • Invoices
  • Online payments made
  • Volumes of new files over a given period and compared to the previous year
  • Etc.

Create thematic dashboards: files, financial, calendar and tasks, documents.

Organize your widgets by simple "drag and drop".

Access more information about your activity with a single click to access detailed statistics


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