Workflow Management

Simple, effective management of legal processes

Checking compliance with procedures, tracking authorizations, and meeting deadlines are central to the functions of legal professionals. Since its creation, Legal Suite has focused its efforts on the workflow functions of its legal solutions in close collaboration with its customers.

Legal Suite has designed a specific workflow module to manage the operational flows of legal activities. Flexible, adaptable, and secure, the Workflow module allows lawyers to:

  • Work in collaborative mode
  • Establish standard workflows, in accordance with their in-house validation procedures.
  • Monitor the progress of their projects.
  • Preserve previous versions of legal documents.

Main functions of the Legal Suite Workflow Supporting Tool:

  • Create and administer legal processes and the authorizations of internal and / or external contributors.
  • Manage the life cycles of any legal document ..
  • Create alerts and reminders for key dates of a project.

The Workflow supporting tool allows the Legal Suite solutions to be administered at the level of a group of contributors.

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