Knowledge Management

Interact to Improve

Legal Suite applies a full-service approach and a user adoption plan for each client.

Implementation can include workshops with SMEs to help the legal department build record templates, checklists, document repository categories, drop down menus, works flows, and other content to assist users during training and after GoLive.

Basis of Knowledge

  • Each User will have a Contact Record Created.  
  • Documents can be maintained with the User record.
  • Tags can be added for search and management.
  • Adding a Tag to your Legacy SMEs can be an easy way for another member of legal to Chat directly about a case, subject, or blocking point.

Leverage Precedent

Precedent and prior work can be leveraged by the entire legal department. Save time and money by discovering whether a similar issue has been faced by legal in the past.  Create efficiencies by using existing work product.  Clauses for contracts that have survived contest, pleadings for reuse, legal research/briefs that have been paid for by your company.  Follow-up notes can be maintained as the record is leveraged or to add additional documentation.

Other GaLexy add-ons

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Artificial Intelligence 
Knowledge Management
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