Artificial Intelligence

Make Your Data Intelligent

The legal sector handles massive amounts of textual data where every word matters: legal texts, contracts, litigation, jurisprudence. When all key information is written in natural language, Artificial Intelligence, and language processing applications can save a considerable amount of time for legal professionals.

The return on investment (ROI) substantially increases when applying TALN technologies. In large companies, examining legal and contractual issues consume several thousand resources and hours each year.

Our Data Mining Solution:
Softlaw by Legal Suite

  • OCR function integrated into GaLexy®
  • Extraction of named entities : people, dates, places and amounts
  • Validation before creating forms
  • Recognition of appearance clauses and twenty other clause types
  • Recognition of five types of contracts or procedural acts (NDA, commercial contracts, etc.).

Smart Clause Lists and Similarity Algorithms:

  • Automatic keyboards exportable from Word and PDF documents
  •  Automatic categorization of clauses
  • Identification of discrepancies between similar clauses
  • Facilitate the identification of the most frequently used clauses and harmonize your contractual policies
For more information visit our partner website: softlaw.ai

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Artificial Intelligence 
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