AI in Legal Directions: Incremental Innovation, Data Confidentiality, and Collaboration

AI in Legal Directions: Incremental Innovation, Data Confidentiality, and Collaboration

Published on : 15/05/2024 15 May May 05 2024

The intervention of Professor Christophe Roquilly, Director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, within the framework of the roundtable "The Impact of AI for Lawyers in 2024: Technology, Skills, Use Cases".

Evolution of AI and Aligned Strategies in Legal Digital Transformation

I have been interested in AI in the legal world for over 20 years. At first, we talked about "ontological libraries" and "deontic logic." It was the beginning of expert systems in law, which then exploded.

For me, the combination of topdown and bottom-up methods is essential both for Legal Directors and legal teams in general, to align with the company's strategic vision and digital transformation.

Transparency and Incremental Innovation: Keys to Success for Legal Processes in the AI Era

The legal team's processes are paramount when using software. They must therefore be part of a company vision and meet a duty of transparency, especially regarding employees.

I don't believe in grand transformation plans over five or ten years. In my opinion, gigantic projects never reach the end. It's a process that generally doesn't work. However, what does work is incremental innovation.

Security and Confidentiality: Ethical Imperatives in the Use of Legal AI

There is a repulsion, or a fear, related to confidentiality and data security. Directives issued by bodies such as the California Bar Association or the regulatory authority for lawyers in England and Wales clearly illustrate these concerns by offering recommendations on the ethical and secure use of AI.

There is still a minority of people resistant to innovation or technological change. Today, legal departments are testing AI, but it is important that this happens with due regard to security conditions. The first step in the application of AI involves tasks with very moderate client risks and impacts (calendar management, billing management).

Breaking the Silos and Fostering Innovation: AI in the Service of Legal Function Collaboration

AI is an extraordinary means of breaking down silos, where they still exist, between the legal function and other functions of the company, notably the IT department, in conditions of optimal security and innovation. This makes Legal Ops even more important.


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