Contract Authoring tool

Advanced Document Generator 

Plug-in Outlook
Legal Suite Contract Authoring Tool (GaLexyDoc®) is a tool for optimizing and securing the contractual process for all company stakeholders directly involved in projects requiring the drafting of contracts.

From a shared template library, the legal team publish its validated contract templates, ready to be generated online by functional and operational departments.

Plugged to a business module, Contract Authoring Tool (GaLexyDoc®) becomes an essential tool of the Legal Department for the follow-up of negotiations and the execution of the company’s commitments.

Module Functionalities

Clauses library management

  • Clauses and document templates library: Classification by category, subcategory, tags; Key dates - activation, deactivation -; Inserting predefined fields to merge or complete during generation.
  • User-friendly GUI:  Identification of clauses by color, filters; Drag and drop of clauses, preview function, bulk actions to manage the clauses of the template.Import feature to facilitate the integration of MS Word® contract templates legacy.
  • Formatting: Clause content as a text or attached MS Word® or PDF® document; Style management - text style, title style - page breaks, table of contents creation, and advanced formatting in MS Word®; Watermarks functionality; Enhanced merge fields library.
  • Lock functionality in order to prevent any modification on a clause or template level
  •  Advanced search by keyword or multicriteria.


  • Public or private use of sections
  • New versions of clauses released by the contract author; Bulk option to spread the new version on existing templates and contracts
  • Comparison of clauses versions; Automatic detection of changes compared to the original version; Audit trail; Templates versioning
  • Up-to-date overview of contracts and templates using sections

Document generation

Only available if the LS CONTRACT module is installed in the client application:
  • Contract generation wizard to provide guidance to the end user in selecting and building the contract, and in filling the fields of the document;
  •  Document adjustments: Clauses created from scratch or picked from the library.
  • Structural rules: Application of preset rules linked to a template (inclusive/exclusive clauses, optional/mandatory/informative clauses, based on data filled at generation or retrieved from the contract file;
  • Template preview; Export in .docx or .pdf format;
  • Follow-up of the document used as a basis for negotiation within the contract file.

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