GaLexy Integrates With Box

Facilitate your legal department’s content management with the brand new Legal Suite’s GaLexy® functionnality.


Legal Suite's GaLexy Box Integration



Collaboration, document collection and management, and real-time information sharing are some of the main challenges faced by legal departments. These challenges can be addressed through the use of content management applications such as Box, which is already used by more than 41 million people and 59,000 businesses. 

Following this trend, and as we strive to continuously enhance and broaden Legal Suite’s offer, our team developed a brand new functionality integrating Box with our software suite GaLexy®. This integration combines both technologies to simplify collaboration and communication

Working together, Box amplifies the GaLexy® software suite efficiency to unlock the full potential of your content, while making it simple for in-house counsels to securely access and share legal documents and information with their teams and manage their data.

Box integration benefits:

  • Easily access and share legal documents already stored in your Box account
  • Securely share legal information with other departments
  • Leverage both technologies to simplify collaboration and communication