Lunch and Learn Webinar Series - Eliminate Email Anxiety !

Lunch and Learn Webinar Series - Eliminate Email Anxiety !

Published on : 29/04/2022 29 April Apr 04 2022

Dont miss our next Lunch and Learn Webinar hosted by Joan Fox.

"Do you log in daily to a barrage of messages from your internal clients?  "

"Have you created Excel spreadsheets to track your requests and responses? "

"How many clicks and attachments do you wade through to find the initial question or document?"

We believe it is time to leverage technology that gives legal the influence over communication in the organization.
Remote work is a reality and we have a solution that will drive more efficient communication and results.

Watch our webinar to discover how to :

  • Reduce time wasted managing email from internal clients
  • Reduce risk associated with legal overlooking an email
  • Create consistent replies from legal to internal clients and vendors
  • Maintain visibility and control over communication that impacts legal performance


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