Mastering Self-Confidence: Take control and leverage it

Mastering Self-Confidence: Take control and leverage it

Published on : 31/01/2024 31 January Jan 01 2024

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Legal departments must be able to trust their own judgement and have faith in their own abilities.
They must be able to understand the risks and rewards of their decisions, and make informed decisions and convey them confidently.

Self confidence is a truly important soft skill to have when you're an in-house lawyer since you’re often making decisions that could have a major impact on the company.

The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association & Legal Suite are happy to present how to :

  • Cultivate self-confidence to make impactful decisions;
  • Manage doubt and uncertainty effectively;
  • Balance assertiveness and openness for collaboration;
  • Become a more influential and self-assured legal professional.

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Claiming control and leveraging your influence will help you to move forward with decisions, even when uncertain, while still being open to suggestions and new ideas. And it allows you to hold firm when necessary, and to compromise when required.


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