Published on : 26/10/2020 26 October Oct 10 2020

The company

Randstad Canada is the Canadian leader for staffing, recruitment and HR services.  With a network of over 80 branches across seven provinces, Randstad provides insightful knowledge on local markets and employment trends as well as a global network of recruitment experts.

The company counts more than 4,500 clients across Canada spanning diverse industries – including over 60% of companies on the TSX60 and more than 180 on the FP500 Largest Canadian Companies list. Randstad has helped Canadian employers fill more than 65,000 positions across the country.


Randstad Canada’s legal and contracts departments serve as trusted advisors and collaborative partners that help achieve the company’s strategic and business goals. Serving six lines of business across the organization, the team offers innovative, proactive and timely legal and compliance solutions on a cost effective basis.

As part of their mandate to mitigate legal and regulatory risk, the department is also charged with providing contract management and oversight. Having assessed the strengths and weaknesses of their various existing systems and processes, they set out to find a solution that could integrate with their front office systems and accommodate the specific requirements of different divisions.

We recognized the opportunity to significantly improve the communications and workflow between legal and sales,” affirms Michelle Miranda, Director, Contracts & Legal Affairs, who headed up the project. She identified multiple goals including:
  • Manage contracts using a central, secure platform that can bring together legal advisors (back office) and operational advisors (front office);
  • Automate notifications to eliminate missed deadlines for renewals and terminations;
  • Help sales teams across the organization effectively capture evolving client requirements and ensure this knowledge is transferred to new hires;
  • Eliminate reliance on faulty Excel spreadsheets and time consuming manual reporting.

Legal Suite solution

The processes of assessing contract management software was lengthy and Ms. Miranda worked closely with her IT partner to evaluate the many contract management tools that other countries were using. “Legal Suite was being used by Randstad France and we decided to leverage this existing relationship while expanding the use of the software for full end-to-end contract management,” she notes.

The customizable interface and ease of use of the GaLexy® Contract Management module was a contributing factor to the decision, along with the software’s ability to: 
  • Upload multiple client documents and use standardized language to accurately describe client requirements;
  • Generate ad-hoc reports for Finance quickly and easily;
  • Accommodate pre/post placement checklists;
  • Identify and reduce the number of missing, expired and incomplete agreements.


GaLexy®’s Contract Management module implementation has allowed Randstad to address inefficiencies in managing their client agreements and has automated controls for the issuance, approval and recording of contract details.  

With new and improved processes in place, the Sales team has easy access to quickly review their clients’ requirements. Meanwhile, the legal and contracts teams are also pleased with the results.

As a result of implementing Legal Suite, Randstad Canada has become a leader within the Randstad global organization, becoming the first operating company to fully integrate front and back office systems,” states Ms. Miranda.


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